A Steel Tray Might Look Beautiful But It Will Need Some Maintenance

The kind of tray you select to accommodate your ute is crucial. It determines what you are able to and cannot carry, and the performance of your ute.

Steel trays are a good option for those who need to transport heavy objects, like steel Acrow props, jackhammer drill bits and star pickets, which are often thrown aboard without care. They also suit landscapers who need to carry a lot of hard jagged rocks which could fall out of the buckets of a front-end loader.


In terms of durability, both steel and aluminium Ute trays are strong and long-lasting. However, it is crucial to determine what you’ll use the tray for before selecting the material. Aluminium is resistant to rust and corrosion which is ideal if your vehicle will be used in areas with a lot of water or for applications that require a lot of force like transporting animals, equipment or tools.

Steel is, on the other hand, is much heavier than aluminum and can be up to four times stronger which makes it ideal for hauling heavy items. The weight increase will impact the fuel efficiency and capacity of your ute.

The Ozy premium single cab tray is designed to be both attractive and durable enough to withstand continuous hard work. Made from galvanised RHS steel and fully welded, this heavy duty stylish tray for utes is the ideal solution for those who are looking for a tough robust, reliable and long-lasting upgrade for their Ford Ranger.


If your work involves transporting heavy equipment, then a steel tray might be the ideal solution. They can withstand rough-and-tumble work and are perfect for tradies that cart a lot of steel props, pickets and bits for jackhammers. They’re also a good option for anyone who does lots of resurfacing work, as the trays are able to take serious abuse.

One of the major advantages of steel trays is that they’re more durable than aluminum. They’re less likely to dent and can withstand wet, mucky conditions better, thanks to their resistance to rust. However, the downside is that they’re heavier and can impact your fuel efficiency. In addition, if you’re transporting an entire toolbox the steel tray could reduce the amount you can carry in order to limit your GVM limit. The added weight can swell the rear suspension and cause an unforgiving ride. Many owners of utes opt to install their own light aluminum tray.

Maintenance Ease

A steel tray might look beautiful but it will need some maintenance. It must be treated to prevent corrosion – generally through hot-dip galvanising, powder-coating or a good lick of paint. Aluminium trays do not suffer from this kind of corrosion because aluminum is non-ferrous and comes from bauxite – whereas mild steel is made up of carbon and iron alloys.

A custom-made, high-quality aluminium tray is more expensive than one that has been manufactured. This is due to the cost of raw materials and the use of specialized MIG/TIG welding gases and the extended fabrication time. But, it’s much less expensive than a steel option.

If you’re a tradie, or someone who enjoys roughing it in the great outdoors, adding an ute tray onto your vehicle is a simple decision. It will add efficiency and ease to your daily life, and can be customized to meet your specific requirements. This makes it a favourite tool for tradies, farmers and anyone who enjoys their 4×4.


When you think about Steel Trays Queensland, the style of your new tray really depends on what you’ll need it for. If you work in the trade industry and you are clocking up some serious miles, then aluminium could be your best option as it’s light and resistant to rust. It’s also less likely to dent compared with steel.

Steel is more durable and strong which makes it a better choice for heavy-duty tools such as Acrow props made of steel, jackhammer bits, star pickets or sledgehammers. This is also the ideal choice if you need to cart landscaping materials like dense, angular stones that can be thrown out of an front-end loader.

The weight of a steel tray can reduce the payload capacity of your ute and affect its GVM. This is especially important in the event that you carry a full load of equipment and want your payload capacity to be as high as it can. Aluminium is a better choice when you’re transporting hazardous materials or chemicals.

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