A Title IX Lawyer Can Help You Navigate the Complexities of a Title IX Case

Title IX is a law that protects students from hostile educational environments. It allows anyone who believes they are the victim of sexual assault or discrimination to file a report with the school.

In some instances, these allegations can lead to disciplinary procedures or criminal prosecution. Title IX Lawyer Normal will be able to help you with these processes because they are so different and have different rules of law.

You can benefit from the guidance of a nationally recognized Title IX attorney. We will start by examining the Title IX policies of your school, its code on student conduct, and any sexual assault prevention guidelines. Depending upon the circumstances, we will also examine any related documentation that may be relevant to you case, such as messages, emails or other documentation.

Once the investigation is over, the school will schedule an in-person hearing. The school will appoint either a single person or a small team to decide the case’s outcome, which is usually based on “preponderance-of-the evidence”. This is a much more lenient standard than the beyond a doubt standard used in criminal court. The decision-makers need only believe that you are more than 50% likely to have committed a Title IX violator to find you guilty.

During the court hearing, you can present your defense as well as call witnesses. You must be careful of what you share with others during the case. It can be used in your favor. Hearsay can be admissible in Title IX lawsuits, and investigators can turn people that you speak to as witnesses against you. You should also refrain from sharing information via social media or text.

At the end, the decision makers will render a final judgment. If the decision is unfavorable you can appeal. Next, you will need to file a claim with the Office of Civil Rights within the Department of Education. If the school is found guilty of violating the law, the federal funding can be withdrawn and it will have to change the way that it handles sexual abuse cases.

Joseph D. Lento’s career as a nationally recognized Title IX Defense Lawyer is built on defending students accused of sexual misconduct. From accusations of harassment and relationship violence to rape and aggravated assault, Lento has defended students from all kinds allegations. He’s seen schools bend laws to convict innocent students and is determined to stop them. Call us today to see how we may be able to help you fight for the rights that you deserve. We are here to help protect your future, reputation, and freedom. Our results include course-final grade adjustments, significant tuition awards and monetary refunds, disciplinary actions against student offenders, and policy change at schools and universities, fraternities or sororities, workplaces, and workplaces. We’re proud to help our clients defend their rights at colleges and universities nationwide.

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