Solas Is Also Able To Identify And Address Issues That Could Impact Its Customers

Solas Energy is an award-winning project. It is currently involved in one of the largest solar energy storage and solar power projects around the world. Solas has acquired expertise in the Alberta electricity market and is knowledgeable of the larger renewable energy sector.

For almost 20 years, Solas has been involved in the renewable energy sector. This includes contract management, engineering procurement and construction (EPC). They also offer environmental compliance services. They provide climate change policy analysis and project execution planning, site selection and bid management.

The company is present both in the United States and Canada. It is a woman-owned enterprise. Its primary clients are utility scale owners. Other clients include municipalities and real property developers. With offices in both countries, it offers a complete set of energy solutions.

The company has been involved in the development of several solar projects in California. It also worked with Morgan Solar on the Alberta Solar One Project. Now, it is partnering with Edwards and Sanborn to build the largest solar powered integrated battery storage project in the world. The project will generate 760 milliwatts AC of clean electricity, displace 307,000 tons CO2 annually, and supply power to more then 50k homes.

The company is looking for an experienced, utility-scale solar project manager. The candidate will provide electrical technical support to project teams and will oversee electrical design of renewable energy projects. They will also oversee contract performance in accordance with established standards.

Solas was also a key player in the development and implementation of solar panel glare regulations close to airports. Solas has been involved in the creation of the Residential Solar Calculator, a tool that is designed to assist people estimate the amount they could save on their monthly energy bills by installing solar panels. The City of Calgary has given it high praise and the program has been seen by thousands.

Solas is committed equality, and does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race or disability, age, sexual orientation or genetic information. As an employer that is equal opportunity, Solas hires and retains employees with a range of backgrounds and experiences.

Solas Energy provides a wide array of analytical services to its clients, which includes expertise in the field of renewable energy and a deep knowledge of the larger electricity market. Whether it is project execution planning and climate change policy analysis or bid management and site selection, Solas delivers incisive and professional analysis of data to its customers.

Solas is an all-inclusive, full-service energy solutions provider that provides many different services to Canadian and American companies, governments, and institutions. Solas offers services such as strategic consultation market analysis as well as financial due diligence project execution planning, and market analysis.

Solas Energy Consulting, in addition to its expertise in renewable energy, is also a firm that is committed to in sustainability and climate change. Its People for Energy and Environmental Literacy program aims to inform communities on sustainable energy and how to manage climate change.

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